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Juvapen vs manual

Juvapen vs manual

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Injection device Juvapen
juvapen botox injection
Precision injection device drug delivery
juvapen botox injection

Accuracy: "the closeness of measurements to the correct value of the quantity measured."

Extremely accurate: +/- 2% error

Up to 20x more accurate than manual injections


Precision : "the closeness of a set of measurements of the same quantity made in the same way."

Extremely precise: <2% variation between doses

Up to 10x more precise than manual injections


6 preset doses: from 0.0125mL to 0.1mL

1mL syringes for full treatment

Starter Kit includes:

  • 100 silicone-free, easy-prime syringes

  • 3 syringe holders

  • 2 batteries


Cordless, battery powered

Compact: 8cm long. Light: 36g

Syringe holder designed for multiple hand positioning and fits all hand sizes

Intuitive user interface: no training required


Compatible with all Botulinum toxin brands

Compatible with all needles


Designed and made in Switzerland

in the heartland of Swiss watch-making industry

2-year warranty

CE marked

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